Advanced 3D Imaging

The Veterinary Dental Clinic of North Carolina is pleased to announce the availability of Advanced 3D computed tomography imaging​.​


  • Oral-facial trauma and fractures
  • Oral tumors/growths
  • Pulmonary metastatic disease screening
  • Endodontic disease
  • Tooth resorption
  • Retained tooth roots
  • Locking jaw syndromes
  • TMJ disease and dislocations
  • Non-specific oral pain
  • Chronic rhinitis

Benefits of Vimago CT imaging

  • Excellent detail of teeth and bone
  • Rapid scan times
  • Isotropic resolution
  • 20 micron scan thickness


Referral outpatient imaging

  • Out patient imaging of referral patients also available for lameness evaluations, ear disease, presurgical planning and chronic nasal disease.

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